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OctroTalk now supports audio calls and photo sharing with other gtalk users. Version 2.0.2 removes the ADs that were mistakenly added to the paid version. In 2.0.1, we also add support for third party SIP providers. You can configure a SIP account, and make calls. Octrotalk version 2.0.1 is a Google Talk client for Windows Phone 7, which allows you to stay logged in to the Google Talk service, and receive incoming messages via push (in case app is not running in the foreground). OctroTalk supports both tile and push notifications. We also have a few known issues - 1) Audio Calls can only use the speaker phone and not the headset. The reason - lack of APIs. 2) Echo - again since we can't use the headset and there are no AEC APIs. 3) Delay - there is around a 1-2 second delay in playing the received sound. That is because if we reduce the delay, the API we were using caused "tuck tuck" sounds in the middle of the conversation. Version 1.0.4 updates - 1) Set vCard from directly inside the application 2) Jump lists for buddy lists (online and all) 3) Themes in chat window (choose how you want your chats to show) 4) Stability improvements
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OctroTalk with VoIP

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