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With 900,000+ downloads, great reviews, best mouse on Marketplace, easy and secure setup, this is one of the best remote connectivity app. We believe that you can enjoy your Multimedia contents on your PC relaxing on the couch, bed, or even from another room and controlling your PC. We want you to sit comfortably and enjoy your multimedia rather than surrounded by keyboard and mouse. What’s new in this version? • Browse PC files on phone and open on PC with one click • Ability to open phone’s pictures on PC • Copy files from PC to phone and vice versa. Features: • Mouse: move cursor, left/center/right click from phone • Keyboard: type from phone - full keyboard support including control, shift, alt, tab, function and other special keys • Remote Desktop without locking PC: view PC screen at phone, use keyboard to type and tap to move mouse cursor • Volume: control PC volume from phone • YouTube: search YouTube in the app and use "Play on PC" feature to view YouTube videos on PC • PowerPoint: control PowerPoint presentation - change slides, start/stop slideshows, change mouse cursor to a pen • Windows Media Center: fully control Windows Media Center from phone • Zune: view and play playlist and song • Wake up PC using “Wake on LAN” feature • Power controls: shutdown, logoff, sleep, hibernate • Turn on/off monitor • Password protection • Encrypted data transmission • Drag and drop file/folder • Zoom in/out on browser • Vertical scroll • Domain network support • iTunes • Spotify • Media Player Classic • XMBC • VLC • Netflix • Hulu Requirements: • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 • PC Remote Server application running on PC (download from www.PCRemoteServer.com) • Wi-Fi router
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PC Remote

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