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v.1.5 - Based on reviews removed restrictions on trial. Fixed a few bugs with PDF display. v1.4 - Updates: Fixed Connection Issues, Improved PDF Viewer, Enhanced Performance, Increased Overall Application Speed, Fixed Several Bugs from v1.2, v1.3 v1.2 - Updates: Improved Performance, Fixed Many Bugs. from v1.0-1.1 The DotNetNuzzi PDF Viewer is the best PDF Viewer on the market for Windows Phone 7. You can Open a PDF URL, save the PDF offline for quick viewing later, find text in your PDF and much, much more. All of the features that the competitor lacks are now available at your fingertips with the DotNetNuzzi PDF Viewer. The PDF Viewer also provides features for exploring your Sky Drive, locating folders/files that you’re Windows Phone may not show you. From your Phone, Create Folders, Delete Files, Locate Images, and store your Sky Drive files offline for instant access. The PDF Viewer is a very unique and rare application for the Windows Phone Platform that provides you with many features for viewing PDF documents. You even have the ability to connect to more than one Sky Drive Account and keep all of your PDF files in one offline repository. With the DotNetNuzzi PDF Viewer you can: Open a PDF using a URL Search Text in your PDF (with highlighting) Zoom In/Out at multiple level of your PDF files Save PDF Files Offline for Quick Access Sky Drive Bonus Features Connect using various Sky Drive Accounts Apply a PDF Filter to your Sky Drive Files Navigate thru many directories on the Sky Drive Create a SkyDrive File/Folder Rename a Sky Drive File/Folder Delete a Sky Drive File/Folder Store Sky Drive Files Offline View PDF Files in your application View image files (png, jpg, gif) Set permissions on your new Sky Drive Folder This application is a must have if you view PDF files in any way on your Windows Phone 7 device.
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PDF Viewer

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