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v1.3 Overhauled the controls. Input now responds from where you touch the screen rather than a set position. Additionally you can use both hands to control the character if you wish. Much improved memory management and stability. Increased the size of the begin level button. v1.2 Improved responsiveness of menu items (choosing restart level for example). Fixed a bug which caused explosions to draw incorrectly. Fixed a rare freeze issue when the game was tombstoned. v1.1 Improved touchscreen controls. Doubled the amount you can view onscreen - makes it a lot easier to plan your route. Slowed down the drop speed of boulders. Gems no longer kill you if they land on your head. Featuring 15 challenging levels to wander around in. PebbleDash challenges you to explore deep mines and search for rare jewels. Watch out for the falling rocks though!
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