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'Pedometer Master' is the partner that accompanies you during your daily exercise and activities. It will display a lot of useful information during your walk or run. Such information are: * The total distance traveled * The duration of the activity * Your average speed * The number of steps completed during the activity * The calories burned during the activity * The average stride length The application will also display information such as: * The current speed * The current number of steps per minute * The course traveled on a map * The Latitude and Longitude of your current position There is also: * A pivot page that displays all the above information on graphs. * A courses manager, where you can save your activities and load them later to review all details. * A Diary displaying summarized information of your courses. What is new in v1.3.1 --------------------- Critical bug fixes. What is new in v1.3 ------------------- 1) Integrated wizard that helps users to setup and use the application. 2) Help system. 3) New Graphical User Interface. 4) Support for landscape orientation. 5) Map can open in full screen mode. 6) Road or aerial view of the map. 7) Pushpins on the map (for start, end & for every 1 minute). Facebook fun page at:
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Pedometer Master

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