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This free pedometer is simple yet everything you need. It has an extremely accurate step count. A detailed amount of research and data gathering were conducted to ensure that the accelerometer readings were exactly where they needed to be to gauge a step. It also has a very accurate distance calculation as well. Simply put in your step stride in inches and the app will do the rest. Now pedoMeter is better than ever with it's updated phone accent colors. Walk with style as it detects your chosen accent and brings it to life in the app! Most importantly though you can track your stats over the days with the simple save feature. Download this free pedometer now and enjoy all it has to offer. ## From the Developer ## Though most of us like to believe that we create and destroy with a simple keystroke, we are not perfect. As you will likely see this app doesn’t operate with the screen locked. It is because Microsoft will not allow the accelerometer to operate during a locked screen. I have countered this by prevent the app from shutting down on its own when it’s in your pocket. Ultimately your battery draining is a Microsoft problem please leave them bad reviews. In the near future I will attempt to find better ways of reducing your battery loss. Thanks! ##APP UPDATE v2.0.0 9/20/2012## -An extended history view has been added -Code has been maintained to speed up app -Extended history view panel has been fixed to display more than 30 days -Button placement re-aligned -Design accent colors added -Null Ref. bug Fixed ##APP UPDATE v1.5.0 5/21/2012## -An extended history view has been added. -Null Ref. bug Fixed.
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