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PhoneFactor prevents unauthorized access to your business/personal accounts and stops fraudulent transactions. How It Works: PhoneFactor verifies account logins and financial transactions with a push notification to your phone. Simply view the notification, and if it is legitimate, tap Authenticate (or enter your PIN and tap Authenticate) to approve the login or transaction. If it is not legitimate, tap Deny and Report Fraud to block the attack and instantly notify the company requesting the verification that your account has been compromised. The entire process takes just seconds and adds a critical second layer of security (on top of your user name and password) to defeat password phishing attacks, keylogging software, online account takeovers, and even the most sophisticated forms of malware. The PhoneFactor app can also be used as a software token to generate an OATH passcode. The passcode is entered, along with your user name and password, to verify account logins. PhoneFactor Secures: • Remote Access VPNs • Web Applications and Web Mail • Cloud Applications • Online Banking & Financial Websites Getting Started: You will receive an activation code and URL from the company whose accounts are being secured by PhoneFactor. Enter this information into the PhoneFactor app. You can activate multiple companies and accounts.
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