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Phorego is a real-time ride-share planning tool. Riders and drivers share rides to save travel costs and time. User can enter desired date/time for the trip. In addition driver can specify desired fare and maximum detour range. The matching engine will find the matches and notify both driver(s) and rider(s) in real-time using push notification. The matching engine will work continuously to find matches until before the desired travel time for any trips. When rider(s) and driver(s) receive their match(es), either one can 'like' a match and the other will be notified in real-time. The other can also confirm the 'like'. Either one can then phone and/or sms to discuss further details. There is also a compatible desktop app the users can use. User who wants to create ride group for their organization, university, community should use the desktop app to create new ride group. Users can then join the ride group using either the phone or the desktop app.
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