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Photogram can transform your photo with several filtered effects. You can use several prepared filter and frame, blur effect. You can upload picture to facebook with message. Transformed picture can save into picture hub and you can use these picture for SNS services. Ver1.4 feature - Add Heavy Filter - Add Balloon Message Wow Frame - some bug fix Ver1.3 feature - Fix the bug when call photogaram from picture hub - Add trimming function when open image from picture hub - Check the message when send a picture to fecebook. (Thanks Akiko) Ver1.2 feature - Add new effect 'Autumn' 'Real' 'Twilight' - Enable choose frame - Enable change blur position - Separate Save function and SNS Share function - Add rotate button - Bug fix ver1.1 feature - Facebook upload support - Enable change Photogram tile icon - Add new effect 'Ozon' - Saved image size is larger than ver1.0 - Performance tuning
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