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Convert your photos collection into amazing collages, share them via facebook, twitter, email and weibo. With PhotoGrid you can convert your photos collection into amazing collages. Try it out. New Features: * Round corners, removable border and seamless mode added. Features: * Multi mode: Choose maximum 9 photos to create photo grid. * Load images from the gallery (album). * Tap to rearrange photos. * Edit grid, Rotate, Move, Zoom * A lot of image templates. * Border type changeable. * Round corners, removable border and seamless mode. * Share your collage using: Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Gmail... * Language support: English * The best app for creating collages on Windows Phone for Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo * Choose the image size when sharing And,best of's FREE! Please send us email( if you have any problem or feedback, we can't reply if you only put comments , thanks a lot!
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