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Over 10,000 downloads so far!! Photo Timer allows you to define a length of time to wait before a photo is taken, which means you can set the timer running and get in the shot yourself, or take that group photo including yourself. You can define the amount of time to wait from 0 to 30 seconds, and even specify how many photos to take when the timer reaches zero - from 1 to 5 - so you can be sure to get the shot you want. There are also options to set an audible spoken countdown, a beeping countdown, turn the shutter sound on or off, and others. It's amazing how much fun this can be once you start using it. Try setting a delay of ten seconds, put the phone on the floor, and join arms with some friends looking down at the phone. The phone will focus automatically, and use the flash if it needs to. Tell us what you think at Version 1.4: Fixed auto-focus bug with some phone models Version 1.3: Fixed bug with flash when taking multiple shots; Replaced icon with more metro-friendly version Version 1.2: Added Flash option for "auto", "always on" or "always off" Version 1.1: Bug fixes and minor interface improvements
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