Pig Jump


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You are a poor pig in a far farm with a hard life. But today you decide to escape forever. Your destination : Pig Land 8000m over the farm. The process is simple, you will use balloons,hundreds of balloons that you are throwing in the sky. As soon as you are starting to fall, you will catch a balloon. The first jump is done with a spring. You know that the farmer will try to stop you and also some of the other animals of the farm. And that they will do anything to get you back. But now the spring is ready. You are ready. Let's jump !
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Poor wireless performance
"hey everyone, The damned Toshiba Satellite laptop has annoying me for several days because the internet connection stops working for a while, than comes back, then stops working again...It's like sobbing. I've never experienced this issue since..."


Pig Jump

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