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Keep pictures hidden and locked away with Private Pics. Simply create albums and hide all your secret photos. - Copy images from your phone's image library - Capture a new image to store in an album - Create multiple albums - No limit on the number of albums or images you can add - Provides perfect security with the ability to create complex passwords or if you like one character passwords - rotate images v 1.1 udpates: - Added pinch and zoom when viewing pictures - Ability to rotate images. The rotate feature is available when you edit a photo and select rotate in the application bar. - Label is no longer required when adding a new picture. - Albums now display 4 images per row compared to previous 3 images. - Reworked navigation when viewing pictures. Transition when sliding back and forth when viewing pictures has been updated. Update animation between screens 1.2 Update: - Added enhanced photo editing, powered by Aviary. - Added ability to save an album cover to your media library - Added detailed error messages
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Private Pics

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