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【版本描述】 手机QQ2012(WP) 2.4(2012年11月更新)是腾讯公司专门为Windows Phone平台用户打造的随时随地聊QQ的手机即时通讯软件。注:该软件中的内容、介绍均为中文描述。 [Version Description] MobileQQ2012(WP) 2.4(Latest update November 2012) is an Instant Messaging application developed by Tencent Company with which users can chat with friends anywhere anytime. Note: All the content and description in this application are in Chinese. 【版本特性】 1.支持讨论组,与PC互通,拉几个朋友想聊就聊。 2.个性名片,秀出时尚,让朋友们惊艳一把。 3.支持搜索添加群和群管理功能。 4.QQ快捷页,一键直达,推送状态尽在掌握。 5.T9搜索,好友和群一网打尽。 6.语音聊天,有话直说,沟通更方便。 7.支持表情收藏,点击表情,珍藏心情。 8.保持在线,关机也能挂QQ,24小时不下线。 9.消息推送,随时随地接收好友消息。 10.查找附近的人,发现心灵的共鸣。 11.支持好友锁定到桌面,找朋友发消息更方便。 12.支持与PC同时在线,同一个QQ帐号在电脑和手机端均可收发消息。 [Feature List] 1.Support discussion group, Wanna chat with a few friends? Now you have a convenient way. 2.Fashionable profile cards, upload your picture, amaze your friends. 3.You can search and add a group by group number, and manage your group. 4.Support QQ quick page, push status all in control. 5.Support T9 search, search friends and groups through Pinyin or number. 6.Support voice message. Tired of typing? Let’s try something new. 7.Support expression collection. Click the expressions, collect mood. 8.You can stay online even if the phone is power off. 9.Message notification support, never miss any messages. 10.Find nearby people, find spiritual resonance. 11.Pin your friends to start, contact has never been so fast. 12.One account can login sending and receiving messages in PC and mobile simultaneously.
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