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This application shows realtime lyrics with music. (Especially for korean music and PART OF world music(J-POP, POP)!) Attention: Please clean the title and artist info of your music which has some unnecessary additional label (e.g. "radio mix", "off vocal"). Title and artist info are required for searching lyrics and you can search manually by tapping the search button even it says no lyrics available. *What's new in 2.4 - changed several UI elements Play the music first then run this application. It soon downloads lyrics from ESTSoft server. If there is no lyrcis matching, try searching on the application bar. You can tap the item found. As the service provider is korean, some unfamiliar songs FOR KOREAN would not have available lyrics. Changing keywords would help find lyrics well. * Disclaimer - As data are written by users, we can't gurantee its quality. - When no lyrics found, it searchs lyrics without artist name so it can lead to find wrong lyrics. - Cache will not be cleaned automatically. User should check the usage of internal storage. This app has confirmed no legal problem, especially trademark.
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