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The highest-rated remote control for your Roku™ device. Never worry about losing your Roku remote again! Remote For Roku is a quick, clean, simple remote control for your Roku™ streaming media player. Features: * "Find My Roku™" - Simplifies Wi-Fi connection setup to your Roku™ box * On-phone keyboard - Enables a great data entry experience when you are on those channel Search screens * Channel Bar - Launch your favorite channels as quickly as possible from within the app * Channel Tiles - Pin channels as tiles on your start screen, with tap to launch * Two remote control "skins" to choose from * Free - Email us your feature requests and we will get them into Remote For Roku New in 2.1: - We hate bugs as much as you do, so we fixed some. - When there are no ads to display, we try to talk to you. New in 2.0: - Added Channel Bar to main page. Tap on the TV icon and all your favorite Roku channels are displayed. You can scroll horizontally through the list of channels. Tap a channel to launch it. - Added Configure My Channels feature. You can add or remove your channels from the channel bar. - Pin your favorite channels to the phone's Start screen to enable quick launch that channel on Roku. - minor bug fixes. New in 1.1: - Faster app loading. Zippy just got zippier! - Minor bug fixes. - App Name change. We hope you like it :-) (Remote For Roku was previously RokuMote.) Known Issues: - The Hulu Plus channel currently does not support the keyboard in Roku remote apps, including Remote For Roku. You can still use the navigation pad and the OK button on our app to "type" into the Hulu+ search field, in the same way you would with your hardware remote. Very 20th century, and definitely a workaround we want to eliminate. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime! Roku and the Roku logo are trademarks of Roku Inc. in the United States and other countries.
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Remote For Roku

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