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RewardPlus is a sample concept (Demo App) to show engagement of retail enterprise & consumer ,possibilities for solving the challenge to increase value delivered to a Loyal customer while in-store, near-store and out-of-store. This concept will help the retailer in tracking the subject of loyalty from Entry Door to Exit Door of a store and improve Customer engagement, Accuracy Of offers and deals, Analytics Of shopper behavior etc. This solution has the mobile app and a loyalty server. App is a Windows Phone mobile application primarily meant for loyal retail customers; who can view exclusive targeted interactive retail offers, add comments on social media (Facebook, Twitter) about offers, manage loyalty points and redeem points with a few clicks of buttons while they are moving around inside the retail shop. Server has the loyal customer database, intelligence to understand the loyal customer interests and shopping patterns to push targeted offers to provide a unique in-store shopping experience to customers. Server is also capable of providing valuable analytical reports for backend retail.Barcode reader can only read QR code. Sample Login: UserID : 9999999999 Password : test For more such solutions, please write to us at
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Reward Plus

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