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Rublon is the easiest way to log in. More secure than ever. +++ Rublon increases website security by replacing passwords with decentralized mobile cryptography. Scan a Rublon Code to log in without having to remember anything. It's the most secure convenient way of logging into websites. Patent-pending technology. +++ ALSO INSIDE THE RUBLON APP: Rublon Pass — the password manager based on Rublon! Rublon also offers a password manager called Rublon Pass, which allows you to log in with your Rublon app to websites that have not implemented Rublon yet and are still based on passwords. Rublon Pass is based on Rublon, so you're logging in identically! Rublon Pass supports over 200 websites, e.g. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Complete list of websites supported by Rublon Pass: +++ 7 reasons why you should add Rublon to your website: If you would like to integrate Rublon with your website, please contact us at Thank you!
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"Hi guys, Have you ever encountered this kind of problem? The browser I'm using now is Firefox. When I use it on the Pcbeta forum, there is no smooth scrolling effect, if I use the roller on the mouse, the rolling speed of the webpage is also fixed..."



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