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Run Tracker is a GPS based tracking app for people who want to keep track of their running fitness goals. STATS AND MAPS Run Tracker tracks speed, distance, altitude, and time. It also gives you a map showing where you have been while you are saving a run. COLOR CODED When viewing saved runs your route shows up on the map color coded by speed. It shows where you went the fastest (red) and where you were slowest (blue). VOICE SUMMARY Don't want to look at the screen every few minutes? You can have Run Tracker tell you updates on your progress either every mile or every five minutes. PAUSE AND RESUME Pause the workout to catch your breath or chat with a friend and then resume when you get back to running. LARGE DISPLAY You can easily see your stats in real time with your current speed being the focal point. UNITS The supports both standard and metric units. Keep track of all your fitness goals with Run Tracker+ GPS Fitness Tracking for runners. Note: Continued use of the GPS will reduce battery life.
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Run Tracker+

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