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The main function of the program is the ability to follow the biathlon races in the online mode similar to the service Siwidata. The program shows sportsmen’s current place in the race, shooting process, allows to view biathletes’ results at any checkpoint, and also provides a wide range of statistic data, including the course and shooting time. You can add your favorite sportsmen into the list of favorites, and the program will not only mark them in the list with a special color, but also, with the help of audio comments, will inform you on all the events happening to your favorite sportsmen during the race. Please note that audio comments are available only in Russian. The program includes two races with the data for viewing offline, recorded in advance. At the Live page, these races are marked by an icon with a picture of a diskette. Due to this, you can estimate program functionality anytime, not waiting for a live race to start. In the offline mode, you can pause the race and go to any time of the race. Also, the program allows to view current season calendar, all races results, detailed statistics on athletes’ course and shooting time. Besides, there is a possibility to view biathletes’ current rank in different World Cup and European Cup classifications.
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