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It’s not only a premium password manager. Sky Wallet is the best mobile wallet for Windows Phone, providing SkyDrive synchronization and a free desktop companion that lets you access your data also from a Windows PC! Sky Wallet is a professional but easy tool: you can manage your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account information and the passwords required to access your web sites and online services. You can enter your data leveraging the predefined templates, or you can start with an empty entry and choose the fields you want to add. You can create your own templates and you can customize or remove the predefined ones. Create all the entries you want: there's no limit to how far you can customize your entries and templates! Your data is encrypted using the best cryptographic algorithm available on Windows Phone (AES 256 bit) and the access is protected by the master password you choose. Moreover, with Sky Wallet you can choose to save your encrypted data not only on your phone, but also on your Windows Live™ SkyDrive! If you synchronize with SkyDrive, you’ll be able to back up your data and reload your data on the phone if you hard reset it. Also, you’ll be able to access your data from your PC, using the free desktop companion! Find more at Ver. 3.2: Embedded password generator Performance improvements Trial version: It's fully functional but is limited to a maximum of 3 items. When installed, it contains two sample items so you'll be able to add one more entry. You can delete sample items to be able to add new ones, up to three.
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Sky Wallet

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