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One of the most missed features in Windows Phone is the "Smart Dial". If you are coming from old windows mobile or other OS that enables smart dialing, you must be missing this neat feature. This application is just made to complement your phone experience with such a neat feature. Smart Dialing basically lets you find and dial a specific contact in a few very easy steps, by filtering out Contacts on your Device. Let’s say I want to call Brandon, what should I do? I start typing once the numbers of the letters that correspond to Brandon: 2 for B, 7 for R, 2 for B, just like T9. As I keep typing in the numbers, Smart Dialing keeps filtering out my Contacts one by one, as soon as I enter information just to let me with one Contact filtered at the end: the one that matches my criteria of “Bra” (“272”). Features in version 1.8 1) Display contact information (all numbers), 2) Choose the default action (call / expand information), 3) Send SMS to any number for the contact, 4) Search performance enhancement, 5) Some UI changes. Features in version 1.6 1) Better international support specially for Central Europe, 2) Better handling for special characters in names and numbers (ignore them), 3) No more splash screen, 4) Some minor fixes and UI updates. Features in version 1.5 1) No loading screen at startup, 2) 2-3x faster search (depending on your device), 3) Highlight matched text while search, 4) Type and dial any number even if it's not in your contacts, 5) Auto show keypad at startup, 6) Auto hide keybad on scroll, 7) Other minor fixes and tweaks. Features in version 1.0 1) Search contact names using T9 keypad only, 2) Search contact numbers, 3) Choose number of displayed search results.
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Smart Dialer

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