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Your company at your fingertips. With Smart.1 Orders Collection you can send orders directly to your enterprise management software and receive updates on all price lists, rates, discounts, promotions and customer reports. Smart.1 Orders Collection is populated automatically with your company data, including pricing policies and discounts, allowing you to avoid long and laborious manual data entry and keeping data synchronized with your enterprise management software. With Smart.1 Orders Collection you can profile each device to ensure the operators access exclusively the data they need. The modular structure of Smart.1 Order Collection allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your working needs. How It Works The application is the Client part of the Smart.1 Orders Collection solution, while the Server part is composed of the WebHarbor services (installed on your server or in the cloud in the Ribo Web Farm -, designed as a secure and reliable data storage. WARNING: This downloadable version of Smart.1 Orders Collection is purely demonstrative: to fully activate Smart.1 Orders Collection and the WebHarbor services, please request an activation key by sending an email to or visiting www.smart1 . it. Functionalities • Document Management • Customers registry • Products registry • Expiries and debt management • Price lists management • Data Profiling • Multilingual Interface • Geolocation and Navigation • Data Synchronization • Data Security • Advanced search and filters • Multimedial Attachments • Multimedial Catalogues
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