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Mileage and Expense tracking for tax reporting. Works great for people who own their own business or are reporting mileage for expense reimbursement. SmartMileage allows for very quick entry of new mileage items by using previous entered data and calendar event information. A new item can literally be entered by simply pressing the new button, checking the entry and saving it. SmartMileage is for those that are tired of fighting the entry of mileage items when on the road. No more long typing sessions, just press a button, check the info and save it. You can import and export data via a CSV file to a SkyDrive account very quickly, making it easy to get started and to use the mileage data in other reporting. App contains several different views of the mileage information, including a summary page giving monthly totals by business category. Help is included, but product is intuitive and you will find it quick and easy to learn. SmartMileage pages support both portrait and landscape viewing. MobileRob has been developing mileage programs for many years and we are excited to be supporting Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. Version 1.2.2: - Grouped previous Reasons and Locations lists so only unique values appear in the list for mileage items going back for six months from the last date in mileage list. This allows for user to have more uniform values for better reporting. - Added a setting to turn off and on auto filling of the reason and location fields with the next appointment in the calendar. New setting is located in new Settings page. Version 1.2.1: - Changed filter for previous items look-up to last 50 mileage items - Added From (starting location) and Vehicle fields - Changed import requirement to 11 columns (includes new fields) - Added previous items list look-up to Bus Category, From, and Vehicle - Updated Help
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