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Controlling Windows with your phone has never been easier ! With a Speech Recognition engine and a fully integration with Zune software, you will be able to remotely control your PC, play music, monitor powerpoint presentations by using your fingers... or even your voice ! Smart+Remote is also introducing a great functionality called : Smart+Cloud. Integrated with Windows Live, Smart+Cloud allows you to access your computer files, anywhere at any time* and send them to your SkyDrive or even by email ! Forgetting your powerpoint presentation at home won't be an excuse... With Miniport, stay connected to your PC remotely even if there is no WIFI network around you ! Your computer will host a WIFI hotspot that your phone can connect to. With SmartDiscover, connecting your phone with you PC is just... simple ! No need to type any ip address, or name or whatever... All is done automatically ! > Visit : to discover all the functionalities. _______________________________________________ FAQ - VOICE RECOGNITION : voice recognition is enabled from the main page, the powerpoint page, and the zune "now playing" page. Common voice commands : -- From the main page > "next", "previous", "replay at the beginning", "pause", "play", "sleep", "lock", "full volume", "mute volume", "volume [0-100]". -- From the powerpoint page > "next", "previous", "first", "last". -- From the zune page > "album [album name]", "artist [artistName]", "song [songName]", "next", "previous", "replay at the beginning", "pause", "play", "sleep", "lock", "full volume", "mute volume", "volume [0-100]". > visit to see more. + SmartRemote Software is required to use this software : visit for more + + For Speech Recognition, only ENGLISH is supported for the moment. Your PC and your phone MUST also be in ENGLISH + * Is required : SmartRemote Software, pernament connection to Windows Live, .NET Framework 4.0, Windows 7
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