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This music sampler is very simple. You can register 12 sound source. You can play with the pads. And you can make pad to record and sample your favorite sound and song. You can also easily play loop sound with your favorite song. Registration of a sound source - Sound source to be registered in the pad is done in the recording screen. - To start recording by record button. - To stop recording by stop button. - You can remove recorded sound source by delete button after tapping the list. - Recording sound source, you can select a music on source screen. Source - Music available will be displayed. - To play music by tapping play after tapping the list. - In the recording screen, you will be able to sample. Track - Assign the pads to the sound that was recorded by the track screen. - Assign a pad of B from C by push tone button after tapping sound list. - In the repeat button, you can register as a repeat play. - To erase the sound of pad by X button. - To delete sound source of all the pads by clear button. Play - Sound is heard when you tap the pad. - Upper right is C, B is the lower right pad. - Sorted the C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B. - There are 12 sound. - Non-registered pad will be explosion sounds.
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