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SPEECHY FREE Edition is HERE! A translator you can really talk to, literally! Say what you need and Speechy will translate and speak out loud what you said in English for others to know what you really want to say in a foreign language. Great tool even if you're just trying to learn the language to prepare for your trip. This App was designed to be extremely straight-forward and easy to use but most of all, a small download. Beyond being user friendly and without the extras, this App is NOT here to help you translate what you say to text as we concentrate more on the important aspect, accuracy and being as accurate as possible with other methods of audio input/output using filtering that adjusts Bass, Treble, Noise, Pitch, Frequency(s) and other aspects for premium processing that understands you better than the other "wannabes" when you Speak. So when you're at the Airport and no one speaks English and you don't know the native tongue, you can say "How do I get to Terminal B" and know someone who speaks one of the pre-bundled languages can help you. Why hire a Translator when the best Translator is at your fingertips and you're in control! Upgrade to Speechy Pro! * Camera Feature (Take a photo and translate text)... * NO Ad's... * Get Bug/Fixes first... * Try out new features first... * Support future Development...
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