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SplitPic is a free, fun, and easy way to combine pictures as you take them! For example, with SplitPic, you can combine the faces of your friends or family to form a single face. Or you can get creative and mix in your pets, create collages, etc. You can choose from several SplitPic configurations * Left & Right * Top & Bottom * Four Corners * Three Rows * Three Columns As you take your pictures, you can pan and zoom each picture to make sure they're all aligned before you save. Your final pictures get saved to your pictures hub, making it easy to share them with your friends. Challenge yourself to take the perfect SplitPic! You'll find that you get better with each SplitPic you create. Have fun and be sure to post your best SplitPics! ******************** New in version 2.2 Adds a new "Three Columns" configuration Bug fixes ******************** New in version 2.1 When creating your SplitPic, you can now optionally import existing pictures from your phone ********************
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