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Splitter has so many everyday uses such as properly calculating what each person owes after a meal with friends, writing a list of items you purchased shopping and emailing it to your computer, figuring out who owes what for a grocery bill, keeping track of business expenses or to just split the electric bill with some roommates and text it to them. It’s easy, useful, detailed, quick, and powerful. The uses are endless. Try it for free! Splitter can be used to split any bill for travel, hotels, tickets, rentals, parties, shopping, groceries and more. It will even keep track of gifts you are buying for family or friends. You can use Splitter to see how much money is spent on each gift for each person and send the information via email to your computer or text it. Remember when you ordered soup n’ salad and your friends ordered lobster, and you ended up paying for part of their meal? With Splitter that will never happen again.
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Permission from computer administrator-Win 8
"Hello, I am trying to copy files from old drive to the new laptop which has been bought last months and is running windows 8 beta 64 bit on it. But it keeps give me a message: File access denied. You need permission to perform this action...."



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