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In recent years, nutritions have recognized certain foods for their exceptional health-promoting properties, identifying them as superfoods. Berries are celebrated for their antioxidant power, salmon for its cardiovascular benefits, soy products for their role in cancer prevention, and sea vegetables are called the 'secret elixir to life.' In order to enjoy optimal health, our bodies need a combination of a diet low in fat and calories that is also rich in nutrient-dense superfoods. This app features the unique synergism between Science and Ayurveda- superfoods and superspices- with dozens of recipes that are easy to prepare and packed with the world's most awesome antioxidants. Amazingly, most of the ingredients can be found in your local supermarket or on your spice rack at home. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drink recipes that will fill your body with well-being and strength. Learn about the specific health benefits of superfoods and superspices, including anti inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Save bookmarks, take notes, and share your favorite superfood recipes with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
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Super Foods

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