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Do you use Google Calendar to share calendars? You may have noticed there is no good way to access your shared calendars from Windows Phone. This app can help! Your primary and all shared google calendars can be viewed and edited in SuperG Calendar. You can show or hide any calendar shaed with you on the settings page. Requires log in to an existing Google Calendar account. Update 1.1: perf improvements and events show in month view Update 1.2: support for spring update, bug fix for credential expiration Update 1.5: more perf and other fixes Update 1.6: added diagnostics log/send support Update 1.7: fix for timezones east of GMT Update 1.8: fixes for crashing bugs Update 1.9: Live Tile and Windows Phone background app support Update 1.10: minor perf and Live Tile fixes Update 1.11: multiple languages Update 1.12: fix day the week starts in month view (non-US) Update 1.14: fixed some occasional issues loading calendar data
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SuperG Calendar

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