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Send and receive recorded voice messages to other Talk2Me users. Full Mango 7.5 support for Fast App Resume, Push Notifications and two side tiles. Trial has no limits and is ad supported. • One Touch Send Voice Message simulating true Walkie Talkie • Allowed Friends: Search, Approve and Remove • Toast Notification for new Messages • Auto Play of New Messages if app is running • New, All and Current Message Pivots • Live Tile Update showing # New Messages • Back of Live Tile with last message sender • Toast Notification for Request and Approvals • Contact Pictures for matching Email or Phone Numbers • Toast Notification deep-link and auto-play • Message Received tracked and displayed ( * before name in lists means unplayed) • Message time left displayed while recording • New messages tracked by when they are played • Feedback user to whom you can send feedback voice messages to • Last 15 messages are accessible • Times are displayed based on phone locale • Unread items over 3 days only displayed if you are recipient • Streamline loading larger number of messages/contacts • Will no longer play incoming message while recording an outgoing message • Sometimes a message too short error would be presented for valid messages • Playing a corrupt message would leave the UI in an un-usable state and require a restart of the app • If push notifications where disabled, the loading progress bar could display forever • Max Message length is now 20 seconds for trial/lite version and 45 seconds for paid version • Talk button is smaller, round and centered text better • Setting to allow disable contact picture loading/matching • Now uses an SSL connection to backend web service for secrutiy • Auto user find/add via phonenumber lookup • Ability to disable auto approve of lookup and friend requests • Progress indicator while listening to a message
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