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Tango Master is an intelligent Japanese language learning and offline dictionary application designed to help you both discover and retain new vocabulary. Features ----------- • Flashcards • Quizzes • Offline dictionary • Kanji dictionary • Web reader • Mini games (Shiritori, Rapid Fire, Memory) • Live tiles • Romaji support • Backup and Restore to SkyDrive Review flashcards in the 40 prebuilt study lists, or create your own custom study lists. By taking quizzes, Tango Master can track your progress. You'll be quizzed more often on items you are having trouble with, and less on those you know well. Pin Tango Master, or any individual study list to the start screen, and you'll be notified on when it is time to take a quiz again. Tango Master also includes a full offline English-Japanese dictionary with over 150,000 entries, allowing you to search in either English, Japanese or Romaji. You can also pin the dictionary tile to the start screen for easy access. Use the mini game activities as another alternative way to supplement your studying. Play a game of Shiritori along side Tango Master as a fun way to discover new vocabulary. Tango Master is also highly customizable to your level of learning. From beginner to advanced study lists, you can choose between romaji, furigana, or kanji study modes. For slow to quick learners, the application can also be easily adjusted for a comfortable learning speed. The web reader is an internet browser with integrated dictionary. While browsing web sites through the web reader, you can get immediate translations by selecting words on the page. Add the results to custom or existing lists to study later. Version --------------- • Bug fixes • WP8 Support • SECONDARY TILES PINNED TO START SCREEN (eg. Dictionary) WILL NEED TO BE DELETED AND REPINNED. Version 3.0 --------------- • Removed all ads! • Kanji dictionary integration • Performance improvements • Bug fixes
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Tango Master

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