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English, Spanish, German, French, Italian IMPORTANT! If you are experiencing problems upon receiving the new update, please uninstall the app completely and reinstall from the marketplace. You will not have to re-purchase the app. Finally, a full featured Exchange Task client for Windows® Phone 7 swoops into the Marketplace to save the day! Create, view, edit, synchronize, complete and delete any of your Exchange Server Tasks from any Windows® Phone 7 device. •Works with your existing messaging environment: Exchange 2007 and 2010. Latest Microsoft® ActiveSync support. Tasks stored centrally. •Support for multiple Task folders and subfolders. Unlimited tasks. Unlimited categories. •Create, view, edit, synchronize, complete and delete tasks on the go. Changes will be reflected in Outlook immediately. •Locally cached credentials are optional, encrypted and only transferred to your Exchange server over secure SSL channel. Exchange administrator remote wipe support. Will work with non-SSL but only if explicitly told to do so. •Customize your Task List view by: Due Date, Categories, Priority, Reminder Time, Subject, Start Date, and Date Completed. Multiple sort and filter stages to hone in on your individually tailored To-Do list. •Full-featured trial available on the Windows® Phone 7 Marketplace on your phone or Windows Zune on your PC. or Windows Zune on your PC.
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Tasks at Last

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