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Terra Explorer revolutionizes the mobile web browsing experience for Windows Phone 7. It introduces search as a central theme in the browsing experience. The concept is based on the way some people prefer to explore the web - by searching first, then browsing. Version 1.0: - Major search engines incorporated into the browser - Preset and User customizable themes - Search sources: web, news, local, wiki, video and images added Version 1.1: Favorite Pages -Added Visibility to Saved Pages -Created Save Page Screen -User Able to Edit the URL or Title Search Panel -Added a URL Direct Option -Launches Browser Directly Icon / Button Feedback -Some of the Icons/Buttons Buzz when Touched -User is able to Disable this on the Settings Page Browser -Eliminated the Close Button – (Phone Back Button Now Closes Browser) -Stretched Screen to Maximize Screen Real-Estate Themes -Edit/Delete Theme Opens a New Window Languages Supported - French, German, Italian, Spanish and English
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Terra Explorer

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