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TimerTools for WindowsPhone is the app for all your timing needs. It has three built-in timing-functions: * Stopwatch with Laptimer and Best/Worst Lap-Times * Countdown with Alarm and Background-Functionality * Intervaltiming The app allows you to prevent your phone from locking the screen while a timer is active. All Timers will continue to run in the background if the screen is locked. A finished countdown will sound an alarm or vibrate your phone depending on your settings (if the screen is locked it will always sound an alarm and not vibrate). The stopwatch comes with a lap-timer that will record all your lap-times and shows the best and worst rounds. The interval-timer allows you to define timers that consist of a startup-time, an interval-time, a pause-time and a number of repeats. You can use this for various activities like tabata-training or as a timer during a martial-arts-fight and so on. All this functionality is supported in the free, ad-supported version. If you buy the app, the ads will disappear and you will also get the following features: * Define favorite countdowns with names and accentcolors for easy recognition * Define favorite interval-timers with names and accentcolors for easy recognition * Add live-tiles to the start-screen for your favorite countdowns or interval-timers * Ability to share your round-times via e-mail
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