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PRACTICE – Times Tables PRACTICE – Times Tables is a great application for kids to learn and practice basic Maths operations such as multiplication and addition. Kids really like this app because it's fun and parents love it because their child gets better and better at Maths using PRACTICE- Times Tables, which they can learn and play with anytime they want to. PRACTICE – Times Tables has everything an application mainly designed for kids and teenagers should have to help them improve their skills in a fun, playful and effective way. Once you download and start the application, you can select your language, then choose one or more times tables to practise. Alternatively, you can choose any number between 1 and 10 to add. Either way, the questions are selected at random. After giving your answer, Edgar the Robot always tells you whether you got the answer right or wrong. Also, your result is given in percentages, so that you can keep track of your improvement. The application features: -headings, buttons, instructions in 8 different languages -a very attractive but clear and simple-to-use design -motivating and funny animation that catches and maintains the child's interest -positive reinforcement -lively colours and lovely characters
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