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You spoke and we listened. The following features are included in this release: 1.2 RELEASE NOTES - Support for multiple cultures (not languages yet!) - More gratuity and splitting options - More rounding options - A way to save your preferences - A much more usable interface ========= TipIt is a free tip calculator that will help you split a bill with up to 50 of your best buds—and come on, we both know you don't even have that many friends. Take it for a spin and leave us some feedback; it's free, after all. Like, without ads and stuff. So, what do you have to lose, dearest customer? Nothing, that's what! Except maybe the experience of using this great (dare we say, cute?), tool for all of your restaurant bill-splitting needs. Help us make this an awesome app by submitting your feature requests and criticisms to support@rushforward.com.
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