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Overview TipOver is a simple utility for your Windows Phone that makes tipping fun. Features Unique TipOver mode. Exact calculation mode. Easy data entry with a large, ATM-style numeric keypad. Don’t worry about that decimal place. TipOver will add it for you! Remembers your settings between sessions. Or not. You can turn this feature off if you like. If desired, you can enter the tax rate for your location and TipOver will calculate the tip based on the pre-tax subtotal. Easy to read totals Easy to use and fun interface TipOver differs from the (many) other tip calculators with its TipOver mode. TipOver mode is designed to keep things simple with nice, even round numbers for everyone in your party. When TipOver mode is on, simply choose your minimum tip percentage and TipOver will round up the after-tip total to the nearest whole dollar (or applicable currency) that is evenly divisible by the number of people in your party. No more deciding which people pay the extra dollar and no more credit card statements with restaurant charges like $35.13 or €21.45. TipOver mode encourages the practice of over-tipping. As anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows, it can be a tedious, thankless job and (at least in the U.S.) service workers depend on their tips for their livelihood. So, make your server’s day and give them a tip that will make them smile. Of course, if you are excessively frugal, TipOver does have an exact calculation mode. With TipOver, you can start living generously.
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