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Using Tonido app, you can remotely access or download ALL of your documents, play music, view photos stored in PC or TonidoPlug through your Windows Phone. Steps 1) Install Tonido software in your computer PC, MAC or Linux ( 2) Create user ID and password 3) Install Tonido Windows Phone App Now, you can use your userID/password to access your home computer from WP7. (If you have a TonidoPlug, please skip above steps, directly use your userid/password ). Download/Opening Files For media files, you can directly play or download into Tonido App. To open or download non-media type files, click on the file, Tonido app will download and open in appropriate app ( e.g. you need pdf reader app to open pdfs) . If you need the file again, you can directly go the app that opened it and you will see your file listed. Version 1.1 Features: Click on the arrow against each file or folder name, you will get a following options: 1) Share the file or folder as a link (url e.g with friends. Using the link, friends will see only the files in the folder. This is a great way to share without uploading your files 2) Add a file or a folder to favorites. Favorites are sort of bookmarks to important files for quick access. Favorites can also be used as playlists 3) Download a file or a folder With 1.2 version, if your WP7 phone and your PC (or device) running Tonido are connected to same LAN network, then Tonido App will automatically start accessing the device directly, which translates to super fast downloads and access. With 1.3 version, we are providing Mango support. Changed the layout of certain screen for better usability. And, Guest user support. With 1.4 version, you can access your Tonido Cloud. Tonido doesn't upload any of your files to cloud, it gives direct access to your computer. Tonido is the most private way to access or share your
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