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[Description] Behold, UC Browser For Windows Phone 7 is now officially in release: If you prefer substantial traffic save and great speed, try thunder mode. Or you can enjoy gorgeous typesetting without ads in forum mode or novel mode. Anyway you will be able to share fun anytime and anywhere. Simple touch bringing excellent browsing experience, UC Browser will surely help you surf HIGH in mobile internet era! [Platform]Windows Phone 7.1 [What's New] 1.Brand-New Menu Swipe to switch between General, Settings and Tools menus 2.QR Code Scanning Enter URLs and text with QR code easily 3.Faster Loading Improved loading technology makes browsing faster 4.Landscape Landscape is in full-screen by default 5.Font Size Adjust the font size as you like in Speed Mode 6.Text-only On/Off Quickly enable/disable text-only mode 7.Easy Wi-Fi Settings Direct access to phone Wi-Fi settings [Features] 1.Speed Mode Enable Speed Mode to reduce data usage and enjoy better browsing experience 2.Reader Contents of continuous pages are spliced together so that you can read seamlessly 3.Bookmarks Sync Sync your bookmarks among your devices and server automatically, all you need to do is to sign up a free UC account 4.Upload to SkyDrive Upload your files to SkyDrive directly by using UC Browser 5.Text-only Mode Images on pages are removed, so that you can have faster page loading speed and even reduce more data usage 【产品简介】 UC浏览器 For Windows Phone 7隆重登场:极速模式流量省、速度快;论坛模式、小说模式畅享排版好、无广告的页面浏览;分享随时随地便捷贴心;操作高效智能敏捷流畅,是您的爱机玩转移动互联网的最佳伴侣! 【支持平台】Windows Phone 7.1 【新功能】 1.全新主菜单 主菜单全新设计,明晰常用、设置和工具三栏,左右划屏切换 2.支持二维码 菜单>工具>二维码,扫描二维码,替代网址、文本输入等操作 3.提升页面加载速度 优化页面加载逻辑,提升打开网页速度,节约宝贵时间 4.横屏优化 横屏时也可以输入网址并默认进入全屏模式,横、竖屏全屏幕状态互不影响 5.调整字体大小 极速模式下,可通过菜单>设置>调整字体,按大小档精确调整 6.有图/无图切换 通过点击菜单>设置>有图/无图,快捷切换有图/无图两种浏览模式 7.新增WiFi设置入口 菜单>工具>WiFi设置,直接跳转到系统WiFi设置页面,无需退出
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UC Browser

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