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Since America was founded it has been said that an educated populace is necessary to maintain a functioning democracy. That is why we at AT&T have brought you VoterHub, a non-partisan clearinghouse for information on the 2012 election season, and future elections, in all 50 states. Using VoterHub, you can: * check voter registration status * register to vote * register online in jurisdictions where it is permitted * find out what the deadlines are for registering * have forms mailed to you * find out voter ID requirements * save a sample ballot of your intended votes * find out when early voting begins * find out when vote-by-mail/absentee voting begins * find out about military and overseas voting * find your local polling place * view your state's election calendar * find out who is on the ballot, down to state legislative races * find detailed information on each candidate, including polling information and ratings on key issues * find out about ballot initiatives * discuss issues * share content through social media * use ""I Voted"" check-in through foursquare * read the latest election news from The Associated Press * view educational and entertaining videos related to elections and issues * listen to music by artists promoting the importance of voting and participating in the election process * view countdown to election SOURCES Voter Registration forms: Rock The Vote, TurboVote Polling locations: Secretaries of State, Voting Information Project, Google Election Center Voting information: Secretaries of State, Vote Smart Polls: Pollster Media: Rock The Vote, Khan Academy
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