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Face those world statistics and see how fast we are destroying ourselves!
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Disable Mouse Wake up in Windows 8
"Hello, Can anyone help me to fix this win 8 headache? many thanks in adavnce. My mouse keeps wake up my windows 8 which has just been installed about 3-4 weeks ago and it works quite well at the very beginning, but now the damned mouse has ann..."
How to Wake Up Windows 8
"Hi there, My computer runs windows8 ultimate 64bit. When windows first booted, my screen sometimes didn't come on, but now it does. Now, when i put the computer to sleep, it doesn't wake up. I have to power it off and then power it back on, but my..."
It takes 2 mins to wake up from sleep
"Hi, I alway shut down the monitor if I will leave the keyboard. But I found, it takes 1-2 mins to wake up when I am back, very slowly. Is it normal? Thanks...."


Wake Up

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