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Over a million HD Wallpapers ! This is an Windows Phone app for the amazing wallpaper website Wallbase. Features included : ✓ Browse, set and save over 1 million HD wallpapers ✓ Browse popular wallpapers ✓ Browse random wallpapers ✓ Browse recent wallpapers ✓ Browse popular tags ✓ Search by keyword/tags/color ✓ Filter by resolution, rating and 4chan image board ✓ Save a wallpaper ABOUT WALLBASE Wallbase (http://wallbase.cc) is a website which scrapes wallpapers from 4chan (http://4chan.org) and then allows users to tag/moderate the wallpapers. If you find a wallpaper which is tagged/classified incorrectly then please visit the wallpaper on the Wallbase website directly to modify it. Please also visit the Wallbase website for handling copyright related issues.
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