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V1.3 includes failover software to a backup Web service in the event that the primary Web service fails (this is in response to our hosting service being subjected to a "Denial of Service" attack which rendered tha App inoperable for a period of time) wForexLimits displays real-time foreign exchange market prices.These are supplied by, a world leading e-broker, and as a reult are an accurate relections of the spot fx market. The prices are real-time prices and are updated at a refresh rate set by the user varying from 5 seconds to one minute. There are indicators to show how the price changed since the previous update. Any number of currency pairs can be active at any given moment, and for each currency pair, the user can set an upper limit (to apply to the ask price) and a lower limit (to monitor the bid price). In additon, a zone may be defined in pips, above the lower limit and below the upper limit, and if the rate enters that zone, an indicator changes to highlight this. When a limit is breached, an indicator shows this very clearly. So a user can track market prices in real-time and be instantly alerted if a price breaches a user defined limit.
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