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Locally view and control multiple Wi-Fi Thermostat’s designed by www.RadioThermostat.com – e.g. 3M Filtrete sold at Home Depot and elsewhere for around $100. Remote control of the thermostats is provided by www.RadioThermostat.com/Filtrete cloud services. All weather forecast and personal weather station functionality will work even without a Wi-Fi thermostat. View Status: • Current inside temperature • HVAC operating mode • Fan Mode • Hold Mode • Thermostat Setting – temporary override, program, or away • Program setting for each day and each of 4 settings per day • Forecast Hi/Lo for your area code • Current outside temperature and solar radiation (Watts/meter^2) from local personal weather stations provided by www.wunderground.com • Computed degree-day = sum of hourly difference from forecast outside temperature and inside ideal 68 degrees. Negative values mean heating may be required and positive mean cooling may be required • Show all personal weather stations in your area code in a table and on a map. • Log of past day’s weather status every 30 minutes – time, target temp. setting, inside temp., outside temp., forecast hi/lo, solar radiation, HVAC status, override of program status, hold status, fan status. Control: • Target temperature • HVAC operating mode (Heat/Cool/Off/Auto) • Fan Mode (On/Auto) • Hold Mode (On/Off) • Set program temperature values for each day of week and each of 4 periods during the day • Set away temperatures for cooling and heating • Pin each thermostat to front page and show current inside temperature, outside forecast hi/lo, and solar radiation. • Back of pinned tile recommends when windows should be opened or closed to gain heat or eliminate heat from the house.
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WiFi Thermostat+

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