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Fast Search for words, substring of words or anagrams, perfect for crossword and word games like Wordfeud, Words With Friends, WordSmith, Word Game, DroidWords, WordWise, Word Mix, Words By Post etc. Simply enter the letters you have available for building words, optionally enter question mark for unknown / blank tiles, and immediately get all possible words you can generate from these letters. Use with any online or offline word based game in any language. More dictionaries coming soon. This is the only dictionary tool you need for all word based games, several popular dictionaries available, including Enable, Sowpods, Twl06, Twl98, Ods4, Ods5, Norwegian (Bokmål & Nynorsk), Swedish, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German. Words uses "Den stora svenska ordlistan" by Göran Andersson (dsso.se) and is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. OpenTaal is available under BSD License. Tags: Word helper, word finder, anagram, word feud, ordliste, ordbok, ordlista, ordlexikon, ordsök, Wordfeud cheat, Wordfeud fusk, words, ord, wordfeud jukser, bedrager, jukse, tricherie, tricher, norsk, svenk, dansk, nederland
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Wordfeud Words

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