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WorldTime is yet another application that shows what time it is in different locations across the world. It stands out from the crowd by featuring a day-night sun map (terminator line) that does not use data services to create the map. Choose from over 500 cities to show the time with daylight savings and sunrise/sunset times. Note: Live tiles don't work on 256 MB devices. v2.0 - NEW! Analog style clock - New reordering cities in list: Tap and hold a city item in the main list and move up and down to reorder. To delete a city, click the Remove icon in the application and click the Remove icons in front of the city you want to remove - Minimized application bar on the main screen for extra space: Tap the elipsis button in the right bottom corner to see the Add and Settings button.; - New artwork: icon, splashscreen, lighter colors on map; - Added Contact button to send feedback and/or suggestions; - Double tap map for full screen view of the map. Pan by swiping your finger. v.1.2 - minor update. Small bug fixes v1.1 - MAJOR update - NEW! LIVE TILES: WorldTime allows you to pin the terminator (day/night) map on your home screen with one or even two live tiles for the entire map. This is a rare feature for a free app. - Ability to reorder cities in the list: Tap and hold and use the contextual menu to move up or down. - Improved the Add City experience; - Added About page that allows you to rate the app or buy the pro version.
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WorldTime Pro

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