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Windows Phone 7 Rocks! - популярный ресурс, посвященный Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 и Metro разработке. Следите за новостями wp7rocks.com с помощью нашего официального приложения! Windows Phone 7 Rocks! is a popular website about Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Metro development. Check out the latest news from wp7rocks.com with our official client!
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Graphics Card Problem in Windows 8?
"Hey, guys, Recently, I have installed windows 8 64 bit on my laptop. Everything is going well, with only one exception. To be specific, everytime when I am trying to install something on my laptop, the screen will turn to black for about two minu..."
Help for Retrieveing the Mistakenly Deleted Files in Windows 8
"Hello, everyone, I believe that many of them have ever mistakenly delete something significant to you. But you can retrieve them back by many ways. It that right? But what is strange to me is that I can not recover the photos mistakenly deleted by..."
Maintain your computer with windows 8
"hello, here, i just want to know how to maintain your computer with windows 8. Is it still similar to that in windows 7? and we all know that disk cleanup and defrag is the fastest and easiest way to speed up your computer. Any ideas?..."



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