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This app provides access to complete Windows Phone 8 development documentation, and you can get all you need to know about Windows Phone development, including the new features and APIs, such as start screen, map API, Wallet, multi-resolution, tiles and notification, etc. This app has the following features: 1. You can access to the complete Windows Phone development documentation from the authoritative Microsoft Windows Phone dev center web site; 2. This app tailors Windows Phone development articles to fit the Windows Phone screen, and both text and pictures have nice and neat display; 3. You can change the article font size to get the ideal display for you; 4. This app caches visited Windows Phone development documentation articles, and it isn't required to download them again when you read it next time; 5. You can download a section of articles (one article and its immediate lower level articles) for later offline reading; 6. It automatically saves browsing history, and you can easily find the articles you read before; 7. You can navigate Windows Phone development documentation structure, and locate the articles you want to read; 8. You can also locate articles through topics; 9. You can bookmark articles and read them later; 10. You can add articles to to-read list and they will disappear from to-read list once you read them; 11. Of course, you can search Windows Phone development documentation articles; 12. This app shows the latest Windows Phone development blog; 13. You can share Windows Phone development articles with friends through email; 14. You can browse out of this app and open an article in IE; 15. You can provide feedback through email, and we love your feedback; 16. You can report problem about a problematic page to us;
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WP8 Dev Center

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